Elizabeth Tinius

Yo soy la Señora Tinius. ¡Estoy muy entusiasmada estar aquí con ustedes!

Hello! I am Mrs. Tinius, the Introduction to Spanish, Spanish I, and Peer Mediation teacher at Chisholm Trail. I am very excited to be here and excited about the new school year! This is my second year teaching at Chisholm! I came from Oxford, Kansas, teaching Spanish I, II, & III at the High School level. I taught IDL (Interactive Distance Learning) for 3 years and am excited for this opportunity to teach all students in the classroom! I graduated from UNT with a Bachlor of Arts in Spanish in 2003 and from Wichita State University with a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Education in 2012. I have also completed half of the courses for a Master of Arts in Spanish, and am beginning my doctoral studies with an emphasis on Curriculum & Education in the Fall of 2015. Spanish has been an integral part of my life since I started learning when I was a teenager. I used it during mission trips to Mexico, as a translator on various mission trips, and to teach a community class, teaching English to Spanish speakers. I am excited to share my experiences and passion for the Spanish language with each and every one of you, and to help create your own experiences using the Spanish language!

Planning for videos!

Learning in Spanish class in Chisholm Trail!

Hello Freida (on the left)!

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by Elizabeth Tinius, WSU

This Webquest is an exploration of different Latin cultures. Students will explore the cultres to learn about different ascpects of culture including family life, houses, food, and traditions.


What do you know about culture? How do you define culture? What are the first few words or ideas that come to mind when thinking about culture? Culture is a word used to describe a group of people: what they do and how they do it. Every society from every country has their own culture. Take a minute to think about your culture. Start your webliography with a reflection on your culture. If you don't know exactly what culture is, write down what you think it may be, deas, or write down what you do know about.