Persistence, Consistence, Insistence On Keep You In A Debt Trap

We are all looking for solutions, related to financial concerns! Well, financial solutions are looking for you and your concerns!

I Was an Entrepreneur Masquerading as an Employee #68

Are you paying more for your goods & services? If you're not reviewing your consumer credit reports, you are paying more for your goods and services!

We can not fix ongoing financial issue and concerns with outdated methods & methodologies!

Since starting my business, I have uncovered a treasure trove of abuses, atrocities and manipulations in relation to financial products and services.

Big business, industries, bank, car dealers, rental properties and nearly every organization which deals with providing financial goods and services, are over charging hard working citizens daily.

Our undeserved; uneducated in relation to financial products and services have no idea they need this service, because of the misrepresentation by such companies like .@creditkarma with their deliberate campaign to deceive consumers.

Rather than having consumers focus on information or data .@creditkarma deliberately misleads consumers with this notion, the credit score is more important!


If your credit reports are riddled with errors, inaccuracies and outdated information! How reliable or accurate is your credit score?

We are all overcharged on nearly everything we purchase and this is due to the misleading and deception campaign by the likes of .@creditkarama and others robbing us blind.

I need your help in putting a stop to this egregious mistrust of consumer confidence in our day to day dealings with big business, industries, bank, car dealers, rental properties and nearly every organization in which we commerce with.

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If you like paying more for your good and services! Fine!

If you believe this doesn't apply to you! I would reconsider!

If you can't successfully navigate your consumer credit reports, believe me that was their intent! I'm here to assist!

We are looking for solutions! Well, solutions is looking for you!

Thank you for the privilege of your time!


Tyrone Glover