In the time of the butterflies

By Catherine Rosas

             This symbol of a phoenix represents one of the Mirabal sisters because she is strong willed and courageous throughout the novel.

            She has several traits, such as outspoken, mature, naive, mischievous, and fearless. She acts like a leader to her sisters and she is also very intelligent. Shes stands up for what she believes in and will do whatever it takes to go against Trujillo. In chapter 6, while she's dancing with Trujillo, she notices that he is trying to get close to her which causes her to slap him. She knows that she would get in trouble but she also know that Trujillo uses his power to manipulate women.

Throughout the novel, she uses simile to describe people. For example, in chapter 6, she compares herself to "that princess put to sleep in the fairy tale"(Alvarez 86). The phrase "Three years stuck in Ojo de Aqua, and I was that princess put to sleep in the fairy tale. I read and complained and argued with Dede, but all that time I was snoring. When I met Lio, it was as if I woke up." (Alvarez 86) demonstrates that throughout all those years living in Ojo de Agua, she didn't care about the dictator until she met Lio, who is a revolutionary. Meeting Lio changed her life because he made her realize what was happening in the real world.

A dove also represents her because she wants to free herself, as well as everybody else, from Trujillo. She is determined to end Trujillo; he even states that she "was the brain behind the whole movement."(Alvarez 232).

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