By, Hannah Puryear Core 1

What I Experienced

In class we did meditation. We did three types of meditation. First we did a regular meditation where you sit and breathe deeply and try to get all the thoughts out of your head. Next we did meditation with mantra's. Mantra's are short and relaxing words that when meditating you use. After that we did a guided meditation where our teacher read us a story and we had to picture ourselves in that story.

Right before we started I was kind of anxious because I had never meditated before. When we started it felt really good and I was very relaxed. My favorite part was the guided meditation because it was a very cool and relaxing story. I would try this again because I was relaxed the rest of the day and I felt no stress. Next I would do it by myself though.

Important Words

meditation - a way to relax and take away all the stress

mantra - a short relaxing word that you use during meditation

deep breathing - breathing in through your nose and breathing out through your mouth

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