Sunny Hill Mini Aussies

Country Raised...Family Loved~

Want a great companion animal?

We live in the rolling hills of Fairfield County, 30 miles southeast of Columbus, Ohio. Our family owns and operates a 160 acre apple orchard called Sunny Hill Fruit Farm. Growing up with standard Australian Shepherds, our family always enjoyed the personalities of these dogs. In searching for family pets, we found Mini Australian Shepherds, the same great dogs just in smaller packages.

As a member of FFA, an organization for students interested in agriculture, our daughter decided to become a hobby breeder of Mini Australian Shepherds, hence, the start of Sunny Hill Mini Aussies. Her goal is to breed and raise quality dogs that will bring happiness to other families just like ours have for us.

Even though this is an FFA project, the entire family works to socialize the dogs and
puppies as well as train them. All of the dogs get individualized attention on a
daily basis. Each dog has their own pen at night but is free to exercise and
spend time with the family whether we are working in the livestock barn or
enjoying a cookout on the deck. We enjoy raising our family in the country, and
our dogs are country raised and family loved!

As the owner of Sunny Hill Mini Aussies, I invite you to check out my website for more information and pictures of mini aussies!

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