Climate Change

New Zealand

By: Ella White

(Ella is a common name in New Zealand)

About New Zealand

-New Zealand is in the South eastern Hemisphere

-It is an island in the Pacific Ocean

-New Zealand entered the UN on October 24, 1945

What will happen when New Zealand hits the effects of Climate Change?

-New Zealand  one day in 30-40 years from now it will eventually go under water

-In New Zealand the water is rising

-there has been major droughts and floods

-snow lines and glaciers are expected to retreat and change water flows in major South Island rivers, this will then lead to floods and higher water levels

Who is helping New Zealand and how?

-Ministry for the Environment is help New Zealand

- how by having different people in groups figuring out information. Below are the groups.

Group 1- assesses the scientific aspects of the climate system and climate change.

Group 2- looking for changes in New Zealand that may be caused by Climate change

Group 3 - assesses options for limiting greenhouse gas emissions and otherwise mitigating climate change.

What are New Zealand's solutions?

-record local climate variables in order to better inform risk assessment and associated decision-making in their area

-people from New Zealand will have to help do research and find some problems and try to fix them

- they are going also of course try to save them selves and their country

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