We are

do you understand
what its like to
look up
into the cloudless sky
and know

someone is out there
looking in on you

but refusing to help
and you turn into a
mouse in a maze
wandering hopelessly

and when you see the maze
from above
it seems so clear
that way is a dead end
that way will turn you in a circle
that way will lead you in the right direction

but in our lives

we are the mice
we are wandering hopelessly
we are confused
we don't know where to go
we keep chasing our happy ending

just like the mouse

so don't you understand
we are being looked upon
watched and laughed at as we
struggle through the horrid
things this life brings
and as we
triumph through our victories

let it be known
that we are no longer
puppets on strings
no longer
mice in a never ending maze
we are life
we have hope for a better future
we have found our way out

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