By Belle Slade in core 3

Writing about meditation

The three activities we did was breathing, then we were told a story, and lastly wave relaxation. First was breathing,when we tried breathing you breathed in through your nose and out your mouth, but it also came from your tummy. The second activity was our story. We were told a story and were to picture the story of ourselves in our head took our sadness and turned them into rocks and threw them into a lake, and we turned our happiness into flowers. We The third activity we did was a lady telling us a story having us relax starting from our head to our toes trying to put us asleep.

we did was, we were told a story and the picture it in our minds and we were taken through a garden to throw our sadness away and our happy thoughts were turned into flowers. The third activity we tried was wave relaxation, while wave relaxation we were told to relax to fall asleep.

Before the meditation session started i was excited to see how it worked. During the activities I began to feel relaxed and i was not thinking about anything. I would try meditating again because it is very relaxing and soothing, and i would also like to try it by myself. Trying by myself would be more quiet and i could probably think better.


Meditation- Meditation is the physical act of meditating. To meditate you sit down Indian style, on your knees or any comfortable way you would like. you can place your hands on your knees or holding them in an "ok" signal. While meditating clear your mind, and relax this can sometimes help you think.

Mantra-Mantra is a sound you would repeat while meditating to understand something or think. You can think of your own word to say that relaxes you the most.

Deep Breathing- Deep Breathing is a slow breathing technique that you repeat while breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

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