Cowboys Legend

Two of the most cowboys doing what they do best. Their legend still lives on and so does their mystery....

                                                                   Birth Name

                                                    -   William H. Bonney

                                                        Cowboy Legend Name

                                                              - Billy the Kid     


                                           - New York City, New York, United States


Billy escape and went to his friends house in New Mexico and hid there. The police found his best friend and they waited in his room until Billy came during midnight. Since Billy can't tell who was it, he had no time to react to the scene. The police officer shot at Billy and the first bullet hit him above the heart and he collapsed.


    Billy the kid was never married nor had kids.

                                                        What was their reputation

           Having killed a man for insulting his mother, Bonney fled to the Pecos Valley, where he was drawn into the cattle wars then in progress. He became a savage murderer of many men, including Sheriff James Brady and a deputy, and scorned Governor Lew Wallace's demand that he surrender. Sally Chisum, chatelaine of a large ranch, reported: "In all his personal relations he was the pink of politeness and as courteous a little gentleman as I ever met." He wasn't a villain nor a hero but a troubled kid throughout his life.


McCarty rode for a time with the gang of rustlers known as the Jesse Evan Gang.


Billy the Kid was a horse rustler, cowboy, gambler and a outlaw.

                                                             5 Interesting Facts

- Women typically found him handsome.

- His dad died at a young age.

- Billy the Kid spoke fluent Spanish.

- Billy the Kid had a crush on his Silver City grade school teacher Miss Mary Richards.

- Billy the Kid had a beautiful tenor voice.

                                                               Birth Name

                                                    Phoebe Ann Mosey

                                                     Cowgirl Legend Name

                                                           Annie Oakley  


                                                      North Star, Ohio, U.S.


She died of pernicious anemia in Greenville, Ohio, at the age of 66 on November 3, 1926.


                             She married Frank E. Butler and they had no children.


Annie Oakley, legendary sharpshooter and celebrated member of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, was one of America's first superstars.She had tea with Queen Victoria, met the Austrian Emperor Franz Josef, and was challenged by Grand Duke Michael of Russia to a shooting match. Oakley was always drawn to guns. Her father may have taught her to shoot when she was very young, and Oakley herself said that when she was barely big enough to lift her father's old Kentucky rifle. Annie was a celebrity, reportedly earning more than any other employee in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, when the show returned to the U.S. in 1892. Annie and Frank bought a house in Nutley, New Jersey, which they lived in between the tours that typically took them to about 130 towns each season.

                                                              5 Interesting Facts

- Oakley retired in 1910 from her sharpshooting skills.

- In a 1922 shooting contest in Pinehurst, North Carolina, sixty-two-year-old Oakley hit 100 clay targets in a row from 16 yards.

- During World War I, Oakley volunteered to organize a regiment of female sharpshooters.

- Oakley pursued such hobbies as hunting and fishing, and taught marksmanship to other women.

- She earned so much from her skills that by the time she was 15, Moses was able to pay off the mortgage on her mother's home.


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