by:Jackson Ogden

Interesting Facts about España

the basics

The population is 47.27 million! The capitol city is Madrid. the national language is spanish. their currency is called "euro". Portugal and francine are the neighboring countries!


Famous Places

The Royal palace of Madrid is the official residence of the spanish royal family at the city of Madrid. Also the Alhambra is a palace with forests complex located in Granda. and finally Aqualandia which is a famous water park in España.


"tio" is used to refer to a friend. "vale" means ok, yes. and "capullo" means idiot.

Foods and Drinks!

Pallea which is a rice dish and Croquettes are a mixture of Béchamel and cured ham. Popular drinks are sangria and a drink we drink in America Coffee.


España has very dry summers and cold winters. España is the second largest country in the world! There are a lot of hills, and the northern part of España is dominated by mountains.

Work cited

The picture above is a tomato festival they had in 2010. I think it is awesome because it's people running around in tomato sauce that just looks fun. It's also a very original idea  i would never have though of. I would have loved to participate in it other than the fact there are a bunch of people with no shirts on in tomato sauce. But it is a big waste of food in my opinion.

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