The Friar

                                             By: Kaidy Cornell and Samantha Moriarty

Indirect Characterization

"He had arranged full many a marriage | Of women young, and this at his own pace" (Chaucer 7 Lines 212-213 )

"He was an easy man to give penance | When knowing he should gain a good pittance;" (Chaucer 8 Lines 223-224)

"He lived by pickings, it is evident. | And he could romp as well as any whelp." (Chaucer 8 Lines 256-257)

Friar Canterbury Tales-

Direct Characterization

"He lisped a little, out of wantonness, | To make his English soft upon his tongue;" (Chaucer 9 Lines 264-265)

"A friar there was, a wanton and a merry, | A limiter, a very festive man." (Chaucer 7 Lines 208-209)

"Courteous he was and humble in men's eyes. | There was no other man so virtuous." (Chaucer 8 Lines 250-251)


  • Swindler
  • Greedy
  • Poor

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