Character Analysis


Minerva studying to be a lawyer symbolizes the knowledge Minerva gains of good and bad. It also shows her determination to succeed and right the wrongs done to the people.


Her name is the name of the Roman goddess of war, wisdom, and intellect which describe her traits. For example she is very intelligent and uses her intellect to out smart some of the other characters in the book during certain situations.


She has a very hard time keeping her mouth shut if she does not agree with something which often puts her in a bad situation.


She has a very strong opinion and is she thinks something is wrong there is no way to convince her that it is right.

"' ' Anything else bothers...made-up face" (Alvarez, 100)

This quote shows you how strong she is; in the quote El Jefe, Trujillo, tries to seduce her which is something she does not want or feel comfortable with. Instead of going along with it she smacks him; i feel like it surprises the audience because we are aware of her strong will but she has no fear of the the consequences.

" It was dangerous... at our president." (Alvarez, 51)

This quote shows how she does stand up for herself and sees that she needs to stand up for others as well because others are too scared to stand up to Trujillo.

My interpretation of her is that she is a bit reckless when she has her mind set on something. She does what she wants and she comes to a realization of all the bad things that the government has been doing. Once she comes to the realization she tries to defend herself and others.

Another interpretation is about how close she is to her books. I feel as though she clings to it so knows what is wrong and right and what to stand up for.

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