How Is American Society Represented In The Documentary?

In English we have been watching a documentary called “Super-size me”. In this documentary a man named Morgan Spurlock who is extremely fit has to eat Mc Donald’s for 30 days straight, he has to eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a twist to his Mc Donald’s diet Morgan is undergoing, it is that he has to at least have one of every meal at Mc Donald’s in the 30 days which is easily around 300 plus meals he has to have in those 30 days, that is including desserts and drinks. Also whenever Morgan is asked if he wants a super-sized meal he needs to say yes, Morgan had also asked one of the employees “out of 5 people how many of them would super-size there meal” and she 100% guaranteed all of them would super –size without a doubt.

In the documentary they talk about heavy users and super heavy users, a heavy user is someone who eats takeaway once a week and a super heavy user is if you eat takeaway every single day. So Morgan went around the neighbourhood to see how much times a week they would eat takeaway and about 8 out of 10 of them had takeaway every single day.

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