There is many different types of jerboa's. They also have fur on the bottom of their feet, to  move on the sand. Jerboas get around by jumping.


The diet of the Jerboa consists of plants, seeds and insects. They do not need water to drink, they obtain their water from the plants they eat. When rain falls in the desert, the plants are moist and fresh, Jerboas dig up the roots of the plants which contain the most water.


The Jerboa's live in the deserts of Eastern Europe, North Africa, Arabia and Asia. Jerboas are nocturnal, which means they are active during the night. During the day they stay in there burrows. They use the burrows to stay out of the harsh sun. The average is about 100 degrees during the day and below 50 degrees during the night.

Rapid process

If there was a earthquake snakes and some land animals ( like the Jerboa)would move, birds would adapt, and some of all types of animals will die.

Plants and animals in the desert

5 plants in the deserts are

* catus


*desert sage

*popcorn flowers

*desert purple mat

5 animals that live in the desert are

* cobra






Fun facts

The Jerboa is hunted by birds, and mammals.  The jerboa gets around by jumping.

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