George's cup of soda: Graph 6

By Kevin Liu

This is the story I have for Graph 6:

George was at the soda machine in a restaurant, trying to figure out which drink he should get. George decided that he wanted to try out the new soda, "Cola Blast". He filled his cup, which had a capacity of 600 milliliters, with Cola Blast. The soda machine filled George's cup at a constant rate of 150 milliliters per second, so that his cup, which had been empty, became full after 4 seconds. Then, the amount of soda in the cup began to decrease, because George took a sip to taste the flavor. He liked it, so he started drinking more at a faster rate. After George drank 200 milliliters in 4 seconds, his stomach said, "Enough!", because it was full. So, Gestopped drinking and left his cup on the table, even though there was still 400 milliliters of Cola Blast left in his cup.

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