WHAT IS IT? Salmonella is a bacteria that occurs mainly in the intestine, it is a sterotype causing food poisoning.

Who is at risk? Older adults, young children, and people with types of diseases.

Sources? Unclean areas and utinsels, raw foods, unclean hands.

The symptoms of salmonella are fever, vomiting, abdominal pains, and diarrhea.

The incubation period for salmonella is 12-72 hours.

How dangerous is it? Typically this is a self-limited condition. In other words, it takes care of itself. You don't need treatment. You don't need antibiotics. You don't need to be hospitalized. It just burns itself out. That's why we have the diarrhea. It's sort of a way for the body to get rid of the offending bacteria.

Make sure to cook all meats throughly and to keep raw meats away from other types of food.To prevent from getting salmonella make sure you cook all your foods to the right temp and clean hands and surface cooking areas and cooking utisels.

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