Specialty Wheelchairs – A Brief Look At The Different Types And Styles Available

Looking for the right wheelchair for yourself or your loved one can be an overwhelming task if you are not sure about what your needs are. The market offers many kinds of specialty wheelchairs and each of them are suitable for a specific type of user. These wheelchairs have been designed to cater to special needs and will thus have to be carefully examined on account of utility before you buy one for yourself. And when you are out in the market looking for such a product, it is always a better solution to move with some research already done in your mind. Here is a brief description of the most prominent types and varieties of specialty wheelchairs you will come across out there.


This type of wheelchair usually has a back rest that can be reclined to give the user some specific therapeutic benefits. These products are more suitable for patients who need to be seated in a reclined position for substantial periods of time during the day in order to serve some treatment objectives. Though not very popular, you might have to buy this specialty wheelchair if your doctor recommends it. But you will have to discuss its downsides as well as they are known to cause skin shearing and damage to the hips when the patient is made to be in a reclined position. Plus they are bulkier and not that easy to fold. Another disadvantage is that they are not compatible with any type of custom or moulded back rest. Approximate Cost: $500.00 to $1,500.00


These wheelchairs are non-foldable and allow the user to be tilted back in a reclined position while keeping is hips in a fixed angle. This feature aids in positioning the patient on the wheelchair and has a preventative effect on pressure sores that might arise due to prolonged use. Plus, the design ensures that the adverse effects of reclining wheelchairs on the patient’s hips can be avoided. Tilting can also have a positive psychological effect on users who cannot hold their head up to view their surroundings. But these specialty wheelchairs are bulky and as such cannot be operated without the assistance of a caregiver who will have to adjust the tilt angle for the user. Usually, users will have to include pressure relief cushions along with the wheelchair for a comprehensive solution. Approximate cost: $3,000.00 up to about $6,000.00.


These specialty wheelchairs are designed for use by those people who have a larger than normal body size and structure. They usually will have weight capacities or 500 lb. and up into the 1,000 lb and can be combined with tilting, reclining and folding features in accordance with the needs of the user. In addition to the wheelchair, you will also have to consider custom cushions made to support the patient and provide him/her with adequate comfort. Approximate cost: $2,000.00 to $5,000.00

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