Make Beatiful To New Life

Make beautifull to new life


When hearts are speech required.....

We welcome all with warm greetings.
We feel that there is a eighth wonder apart from seven wonders of world. We face so many in our life path like happiness, sadness, sorrow, love, angry, tension, etc we come over and living in this world with the memories of that.
Only happy memories make us live peacefully for long time. We feel and expect for the past golden memories to repeat again in our life time.
The greatest happiness in every one’s life is the memories of time they spent with friends, Loved wife got myself a happy anniversary, etc these memories can be Seen by us by the photos, videos of scientific inventions which is the eighth wonder 0f the world.
Video camera, photo camera are the most valuble invention by which we can record our life memories and leave it for our generation to see it and make them enjoy.

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