I Survived the bombing of Pearl Harbor, 1941

Author: Lauren Tarshis

          Connections: A text-to-world connection I made was that Danny's mom worked pretty much twenty-four seven, and Danny got in trouble a lot. Some parents don't take care of their children enough, so the kid doesn't know right from wrong or the child wants to make someone else feel bad because they think it will make them feel better. Another text-to-world connection is that Danny's mom moved to Hawaii because she got a job as a military nurse. Danny missed his home very bad. Kids all around the world have to leave their homes because their parents get better employment options, or get stationed in another state because they are in the armed forces. It is pretty much like starting a new life; new homes, new friends, new schools and everything. Kids miss their old home. My last text-to-world connection is that World War II happened because Japan didn't think they had enough power, so they tried to invade other countries to get more land. That happens sometimes around the world, such as when Ancient Rome conquered Greece and other bordering empires, when Germany started the Holocaust, and when Austria-Hungary attacked Serbia; the beginning of World War I.  A text-to-self connection is that I have been to New York City, where Danny lived. In the story, Danny described the setting, ''All he wanted was to be back in New York City, looking out his old apartment window at the jumble of dirty buildings, the smoke thick in the air, the garbage in the streets, and his best friend, Finn, waving to him from down in the alley below.'' In Time Square, where we stayed, I remember all of the trash and smoke all around us.

Wonderings: Why did Danny's father leave?

Why was Aki so attached to the baby boar?

Why does Aki sneak away so commonly?

Why was Danny going to leave his mother behind, just to see his friend?

Why did Japan only blow apart all Pearl Harbor's army equipment, and not take over the land?

Why did America not know about the planes coming towards the land?

How could America fight two wars on opposite sides of the world?

Why were there so few nurses and doctors at Hickam, especially near a huge military base?

Impressions:  An event that was sad was when Finn fell off the fire safety exit because Danny wanted to mess around, and Danny never got to apologize. I was surprised that Aki thought that the baby boar was his puppy, so he wouldn't let it go with its mother. I was very disappointed that Danny was going to leave his mother behind to go on a ship back to New York to see his best friend. I was shocked when Japan blindsided Pearl Harbor and pummeled it with bombs in full fury.  I was very sad when Mack got a vicious wound and bled half his body's blood. It was surprising and exciting that he survived. I respect how hard Danny's mom works to provide Danny a good and happy life. In the end, the book was fabulous! The book had an intriguing hook and a wonderful closing. The closing of the story completed the plot and made you realize how much Danny had changed over the book.

          Signposts: An AHA Moment was when Danny and his mother moved to Hawaii. It changed the story because Danny would have gotten in more trouble with  Finn, not have been at Pearl Harbor running from the Japanese bombers, and would have gotten in trouble with his gang. Another AHA Moment was when Japan bombed Pearl harbor. A Memory Moment was when Danny remembered New York City, with its pollution and jumbled up buildings. He remembered the trouble he and his gang caused. Another Memory Moment was when Danny remembered how great his teacher from New York City was. Her name was Mrs. Mills. Mrs. Mills told them that there was a maniac in Germany named Adolf Hitler. She said that he was going to attack America next, and hang a German flag over the empire state building. Danny and Finn skipped school the next day to protect America from anyone who dared step on the beach. They had a baseball bat to clobber anyone who did step on the beach. The last Memory Moment is when Danny remembered that twenty four hours before today, he was a boy that would leave his mother behind in Hawaii to see his best friend in New York. Two Contrasts and Contradictions are when Danny saved Aki from being attacked by the boar and when he helped to treat wounded people and drive people to Hickam. What made him act that way is it is not fun watching other people suffer and he knows that in times of need, he needs to be as helpful as he can be.

       I recommend this book to everyone because it teaches you three life lessons. They are: think before you act, family is forever, and there are many perspectives in life.  

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