HIV Prevention

Don’t you want to have fun in your life? Most people do by going to amusement park others will have sex. A high majority of these people will have protected sex, but some of them will not and that’s the problem. The best way to prevent yourself for HIV is to wear a condom, you can’t change that.

HIV is the deadliest disease the human kind encountered and the reason of its deadly power is that it’s easily passed from one person to another. HIV can only be spread by the contact of blood, semen, breast milk or vaginal fluid of a person who’s already infected with HIV. It’s also known to be called the HIV transmission. The most common way to get HIV is by having unprotected sex (no condom) because a contact can be made with one of the fluid of the infected person. The best way to block this contact is by introducing a barrier so that all the point of entries where you could be vulnerable to get HIV will be blocked.

Another common way is by using shared drug injection equipment like syringes and needles. If you do not use new needles for example, you increase your chance to get HIV because you can’t know if the person who used it before you was infected. Is there a solution to this problem? Yes and its simple. Simply use new equipment if you have to inject yourself so that your risks of getting infected are nil.

Finaly, be careful when you’re having sex and when you’re using injection equipment.

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