Ecosystem: ocean/sea

abiotic and biotic factors

abiotic means they aren't alive and never were.
(rocks, temp, water, oxygen, Salinity, Nutrients.)

biotic means it is alive or was alive.
(all marine
wildlife, fishies, sharks, coral, crabs, sharks, and turtles, bacteria.)

like sharks (for example) they need food to survive,and for energy,like if there were no sharks the popalution will increase.

like "no sharks" will increase the "angle fish" poplution.

like Carnivores: sharks, whales, and other kind of fish.
herbivores: coral reef fish, dolphins, turtles, and more
omnivores: blue crabs, sea otter, manatees, whales, sea turtles, and alot more.
producers: the plants.
decomposers: when fish die they become fertilizer or food.
scavengers: fishies looking for food "stealing"

basically, marine wild life is 70% of the ocean is alive, that little 30% is rocks, water, and the oxygen.

like a food chain
seaweed > fish > shark
coral > gubby > whale
gubby > tuna > squid > shark

basically "eat or be eaten" situation.
every one needs to survive
every one needs to eat  to survive.


"why are producers on the bottom?"

because producers are the energy of the smaller fish or animals. there are less small animals cause predators.

predators eat prey.



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