Equal Opportunities

Race is illegal to discriminate by. Gender is strictly prohibited as the company will face some bad press with the media and wont kick off to a good start. Equal opportunities also means that everyone gets a chance to do a certain area of work and that can come through the ide

                  Health and Safety

Each and every employee has the right to a healthy, safe work environment.                     Safety in the work environment is usually a clause in the work contract.                              If a work place lacks safety or is unhealthy that is grounds to sue.

Equal Pay

Women are known to always get less than men for doing the same job.                            Equal pay means people get paid for the amount of work they carry out.                         On average men earn 12.6% more than women.


                   Minimum Wage

Minimum wage is the wage people under the age of 21 will earn, varying from the hours they work people under the age of 22 will earn £10,642 yearly.                                           The argument is that minimum wage will never be a living wage.

Hours of Work

An employee should only work a maximum amount of 48 hours a week.                       This leaves hours for other workers to have 'equal opportunities'.                                      This can also result in 'as Megan said' lethargic results.

Sick leave

The amount of hours a person can be paid while sick and off work is 96 hours which is 4 days. It is in a person's rights to be able to call in sick and get a paid off day(s).


A person has the right to be given 28 days of holiday which is the rightful minimum while a less lenient employer might only offer as little as 25 days.

Parental Leave

A mother is allowed 26weeks off work to take care of her new born child, if required a further 26 weeks may be added. From April 2015 the mother may now share her maternity leave days with her husband/the father of the child.