Tools of the Trade
Karina Jeanette Bautista

There are multiple websites that is educational & great for school:

* Edmodo

* Remind


* The IB Design Cycle

* Tackk

Edmodo: A learning system where students and teachers interact with each other through an online network to post assignments/ homework projects, & grades.

How you can use the tool: You can sign up as a teacher, parent, or even student & along the school year, you can join group codes given by your teachers.


- shares digital media such as blogs, links, videos, assignments, & homework.

- parents can stay connected and view their child's work and can message the teachers.


Remind: is a broadcasting system where teachers to message students what happens in the class like assignments.

How can you use the tool: You can use the tool by either logging in as a student/parent or teacher & then type in a class code that your teacher assigns you & send messages to your students.


- Teachers can save time & strenghten their connections with simple and fast messaging.

- Sign up in seconds to send mobile messages to your class. a site where you can create infographics or visual presentations and publish it for your class to see

How can you use the tool: represent data using infographics and you can publish it or post it where your class can see it


- Represent data using visual representations which as a result, makes it easier to understand

- If you’re on a budget or with limited resources, it can cost a pretty penny to get competent work that can cut through the noise and go viral.

The IB Design Cycle: A process used to solve problems in life.

How can you use the tool: Systematically manner through following the procedure.


- solve problems easier

- gives multiple possibilities to solve problems

Inquiring & Analyzing

~ Explain and Justify the need for a solution & identify & prioritize primary & secondary.

~ Analyze a range of existing products that inspire a solution to the problem & develop a detailed design brief.

Developing Ideas

~ Develop a design specification & develop a range of realistic ideas.

~ Present a final chosen design & justify its selection & develop accurate planning/drawings & outline the requirements.

Creating the Solution

~ Construct a plan & demonstrate excellent technical skills.

~ Follow plan & justify any changes to the plan & present the solution.


~ Design relevant testing methods which generates data and measure the success of solution.

~ Evaluate the success of solution against design specifications & explain how it could be improved.

~ Explain the impact of the solution on the audience/client.

The Design Cycle

Tackk: Tackk is a simple way to create beautiful pages on the web. You can create your very own page, flyer, etc.

How can you use the tool: You can sign up as a teacher or student and make your creations like blog posts, projects, or even assignments for your class.


- Blogging and creating images

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