Tunnels of Blood

Author-J.K Rowling

The story happen in In apartment, city, tunnels. The characters are Darren, Mr.Crepsley,Evra,Debbie,Jesse,and Donna. Jess and Donna are Debbie mom. The story was Darren became half vampire when he stole the vampire spider and he hate it. If was hard for him. Mr.Crepsley was a full vampire and he taught Darren how to be normal in the human world. They move to another city with Evra. Evra was a half snack and half human. Darren meet Debbie and her parent. The vampire name Murlog. Who killed 6 people sand drink their blood. Then, Mr.Crepsley follow the vampire. Darren and Evra thought that Mr.Crepsley killed those 6 peoples. So they both follow Mr.Crepsley every night when he get out his apartment. One day Mr.Crepsley caught the vampire behind but Darren stop him. Darren thought that Murlog was a human. Mr.Crepsley was very mad at Darren. Now Darren know that Murlog was a mad vampire because Mr.Crepsley explain to him. The problem was that Murlog took Evra to his tunnel. So Darren and Mr.Crepsley had to find him in the tunnel. Then they killed him and find Evra.

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