Civilians In Space

By: Matthew Pezza

        Did you ever want to go to space? Should regular civilians be allowed in space? Think of costs, the risks, and all the inexperience civilians have.

       A trip to space is very costly. NASA is no longer funded by the government. That means they have less money than they would have if the government funded them. The high prices will have a huge impact on civilians' budgets.

       Space is a dangerous place to take a vacation to. Rockets aren't perfect, something could go wrong. What if the ship exploded in space and you ended up drifting away from earth, Scary. When a rocket lands there is a possibility the parachute won't open that could easily cause a fatal crash.

        Space can be very amazing, but it would be just a waste to let people go there just for some sight seeing. Civilians can't be very productive in space. Astronauts who have experience and training can bring back more information the they had before they left.

       These are the reasons why civilians should not be allowed in space. One day when space travel is easy, cheap, and safe as driving a car, then civilians should be allowed to go to space. Until then only astronauts should be allowed.


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