Breathing the LUB-DUP

A project designed for primary Students

          2. CURRICULAR TOPIC: “Humans’ vital functions. Nutrition: Respiratory and                    circulatory systems”.

          3. AGE: 11/12 years old, 6º grade of Primary Education.

           4. SUBJECTS:

    Main subject that is the frame of the project: Science (5 sessions).

    Secondary subject: Literature (2 sessions).

    Other complementary subjects:  Art (1 session), P.E. (1 session) and Music           (1 session)


This is a school investigation about the circulatory and respiratory systems. Using the discovery learning the students will be required to create a project by groups in which they could show to the whole class in 4 minutes what they have understood and created using a wide range of mental abilities and some technological tools and a set of information resources provided by the teachers and other useful ones they could find.

           6. PROJECT GOALS.

                    7. BASIC COMPETENCIES.

                   8. DEVELOPING OF THE ACTIVITY

                  9. APPS, PRODUCTS AND CHECKLIST.

This is an activity for the course Research & ICT #RICT1314, of the degree of Primary Education of the University of Murcia. It is under the responsibility of the Professor Linda Castañeda.

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