Imperialism & American Ideals

In the Pursuit of foreign colonies and territories, the United States did abandon some democratic ideals while remaining true to others.

Group of American troops in Panama, 1918


During the time of American Imperialism, an event that could be referenced is that of Panama in 1918. The United States intervened when Panama was enduring a time of public disorder, with the US thinking that they could better the situation and hopefully change the region for the better. This event contributes to America's fidelity to the ideals of Diversity.


Another event that involves American Imperialism and the relationship between that and the faithfulness to the American Ideals of democracy is that of the Dominican Republic during the period between 1916 and 1924. The United States intervened due to rumors of Russia using the Dominican Republic as a base to foster an attack against the US during WWI. This event inquires the ideals of the common good: with the US intervening with its well being and safety of the country in mind.

US invasion of the Dominican Republic, 1916
Making Peace from the Spanish American War. Cuba & Puerto Rico 1898

ABOVE: Another example could be found in America's involvement with Cuba and Puerto Rico in 1898. The US intervened due to the Spanish American War. The war wasn't entirely supported by the foreign governments despite it taking place on their grounds. This example conflicts the US's fidelity to the American Ideals with it going against the concepts of freedom of speech, equal rights, it can also be debatable whether the US had the common good in mind: it did in concerns to its own people, but not to that of the foreign lands' inhabitants.

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