Romeo and Juliet: Act 1


Jeremy Daniels Wagoner

What Main Events occurred in the morning in Act 1?


Act I Scenes i and ii

Main Events (should be 6)

1.  Sampson and Montagues fight

2.  The Price catches the fight and ceases the men for fighting

3.  Romeo confesses his love of a girl who does not love him back.

4.  Paris asks for Juliet's Father's blessing. Although, it's a no.

5.  Romeo finds his mystery love to be "Rosaline."

6.  Romeo and Benvolio decide to attend the party to meet the girl.

Main Characters (list them below)

Romeo, Benvolio, Paris, Lord Capulet, Sampson, Montagues

      Setting: Verona


      Act 1 Scene iii

      Main Events (should be 2)

      1.  Lady Capulet shares the planned proposal from Paris.

      2.  Nurse tells a speech about Juliet's infant and toddler years.

      Main Characters:(list them below)

      Lady Capulet, Nurse


        Capulet House- Juliet's Room


        Act I Scenes iv and v

        Main Events (10)

        1.  Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio.

        2.  Romeo begins to tell the story of his dream when Mercutio speaks of Queen Mab.

        3.  Romeo sees Juliet and falls in love.

        4.  Tybalt recognizes Romeo.

        5.  Romeo approaches Juliet and talks of kissing her.

        6.  Romeo and Juliet kiss.

        7.  Romeo finds Juliet to be a Capulet.

        8.  Tybalt swears he will make Romeo pay for crashing the party.

        9.  Lord Capulet calms down Tybalt and lets Romeo stay.

        10.  Juliet finds Romeo to be a Montague.

        Main Characters (list them below)

        Romeo, Juliet, Nurse, Benvolio, Mercutio, Lord Capulet, Tybalt


          Capulet's House (the party)

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