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The human immune system brings many diseases such as Human immunodeficiency virus infection(HIV). It is usually caused by a virus from another person. Nowadays, HIV became a really big problem in our society especially in Zimbabwe. HIV is easy to get caught in this country because of the dirtiness of it. Sadly, in Africa, most of the countries aren`t enough developed to defend themselves against such diseases. In 2014, 1400000 people in Zimbabwe are living with HIV. 13% of these people are considered children. These numbers prove that HIV is something to take really seriously but only 15% of the population understood the message and got prevention. In2013, the prevalence % was around 14, so the improvement is really good for the population. Even if there’s an improvement, Zimbabwe is still one of the biggest condom users in the world with over 100million condom bought. The Bulawayo provincial aids coordinator Mrs. Sinatra Nyathi said: “Our prevalence rate is slightly up from the 14, 26 percent we recorded last year and this is an indicator that we still have barriers in our community.” This proves that the country is slowly getting better. Many people try to use commercials and posters to pass the message. For example, there`s a poster made by the government that says: “What smart guys are wearing” (talking about condoms). With many little things like that, we can hope that the situation gets better soon. If every person tries to prevent himself from HIV, it will surely improve the situation in Zimbabwe.


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