The Czech Republic
Adam Severson


The Czech Republic is located in Central Europe. It has mountains on almost all sides, creating a natural border. The Czech Republic borders Poland to the Northeast, Germany to the West and Northwest, Austria to the south and Slovakia to the East. Weather there is almost identical to Iowa's, but summers rarely exceed 100 degrees and there is a lot less rain. It has mountains, and many man made lakes. This impacts the people because more people can enjoy water sports, and mountain climbing has become a popular sport.


My country has a very unique society. Some foods that they eat include potato soup, fried cheese, fruit filled dumplings, potato salad, tea, water, and beer. The religion is mostly Roman Catholic. In my country they speak the official Czech Language. (Czech) Most people over the age of 60 understand German, due to World War II, but nobody speaks German. Jobs you will find in my country include Car and automotive manufactures, Farmers, and the largest employer is Czech Railways. They also have a large and high quality film industry. Society impacts the people living there because they get used to the jobs and foods they see around them every day. If they were to come to America, they would be confused (and curious as to what the foods taste like.)


In my country, they use Cars, Trains, Boats, and Aircraft for transportation. Technology in my country is very advanced. The automotive car brand Skoda is made in the Czech Republic. They also have many different types of power plants, including coal burning plants to nuclear reactors.

People in the Czech Republic drink a lot of beer, so they actually are constantly fine tuning their beer to taste just right. Technology impacts the people here by allowing people to get around, making sure homes get electricity, and making sure their beer tastes just right.


My country’s leader is the President, Miloš Zeman. The Prime Minister is Bohuslav Sobotka.

Together, they keep the country up and running smoothly. The Czech Republic has a Parlimentary Republic, a multiparty form of government. They have a president and a prime minister.

The Government impacts the people living here a lot. The prices they pay for food and supplies is impacted by how much of it is taxed by the government. They also determine and make the laws that people need to follow.


My country uses the Czech Koruna (CZK) for their currency. One CZK will get you only .05$, while one Dollar will get you 19.16 CZK! They import machinery and electric equipment, while they export their own Škoda car, agricultural products, glass and beers. Overall, they have a fairly stable economy.

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