Digital Portfolio Directions

Throughout your time in Anatomy & Physiology, you will be storing and showcasing your work on a digital portfolio. Not only will this create an invaluable resource for studying throughout the year, it will also be a great for sharing with future employers, internship mentors, scholarship committees, and colleges.

Website Suggestions

You can use any website you would like to create your portfolios, but here are my top suggestions:

- Tackk: (VERY user friendly...your profile will be your portfolio and each section will be a separate page. There is an app available for both iphones and google devices that makes adding photos from your phone very easy.)

- Bulb: (Professional looking portfolio...not as user friendly, but easy enough for advanced technology users. There is not an app, but there is a mobile site that allows you to add photos from your phone.)

Required Sections

1) About Me: In the "about me" section, you will include some basic information about yourself. Just be mindful of the information you share and do not share any personal information you would not want viewable by the public.

2) Pictures: This is where you can add pictures from our class activities. Please be respectful and do not add pictures of other students. Remember that this is supposed to promote the wonderful choices you made in your education, so do not add pictures that could be misunderstood as a poor choice.

3) Community Service & Student Organizations: This is a place to highlight your community service and student organization activities. This will be very helpful when you are filling out scholarship/college applications and making your resume.

4) Anatomy Coursework Pages: You will add individual pages for each unit we work on in Anatomy & Physiology. You can attach digital documents you create, pictures of assignments you complete, and any notes you take. This will not only highlight your coursework, it will also provide you with an electronic resource to refer back to when studying for your final and any courses you take in the future. The units will be:

  • Unit 1 - Organization of the Body and Living Chemistry
  • Unit 2 - Cells & Tissues
  • Unit 3 - Integumentary System
  • Unit 4 - Skeletal System
  • Unit 5 - Muscular System
  • Unit 6 - Nervous System
  • Unit 7 - Endocrine System
  • Unit 8 - Circulatory System
  • Unit 9 - Immune System
  • Unit 10 - Respiratory System
  • Unit 11 - Digestive System
  • Unit 12 - Excretory System
  • Unit 13 - Reproductive System
  • Unit 14 - Pregnancy, Growth, & Development

5) Independent Study: As part of this class, you will have an opportunity to work on an independent study as you complete a unit ahead of schedule. This is where you will share your progress on that independent study.

*Bonus Section* Helpful Links: Found a really cool Anatomy site (ex: Post them in this

What now?

Once you have created your portfolio, use the button below to give me access to it. I will be checking your progress periodically, so make sure you are keeping up with it.

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