Reflections (Entry 19)

I  learned many things from my subject. Along with learning about the AR Parrot Drone I also learned about the Lily camera and the CyPhy Drone. I learned the most about the AR Parrot Drone. The AR Parrot Drone is manufactured in UK and costs 350

Understanding AR Parrot Drone (Entry 1)

A drone can help you understand the land around you and have a lot of fun.

You tap a location on your device and the drone flies there.

The device you use to control the drone is a device like an iphone.

The GPS chip shows you the land around you and lets you see where your drone is going.

Intro Research (Part 1) (Entry 2)

I watched videos on what the drones abilities were and some ways to control the drone with your device.

I watched videos on what the drones abilities were and some ways to control the drone with your device. Some of the abilities include flip mope, director mode,a flight recorder, and a GPS chip.

Intro Research (Part 2) (Entry 3)

I flew the drone and I now have a better understanding of how it works. It works perfect indoors because there is no wind or anything that can blow it into things; but you have to watch out for walls.

Questions Answered (Entry 4)

I flew the drone outside and had to face some outside conditions. It is harder to fly the drone outside because even though there are less obstacles there is wind and you sometimes have to stare in to the sun.

You push a button on the left and tilt the device to make the drone move and you use the joystick on the screen to rotate it and make it go up and down

New information I am finding (Entry 5)

The drone is really simple to control but the technology to make it simple is very complicated. It is very complex and confusing with all of the ribbons and circuits.

Troubles I am having (Entry 6)

I am having trouble with the GPS chip. I am having trouble understanding what it does and how to use it because I haven't found a definite answer. Even though I know half of what it does I can not find out about the other half.

Technological Terms (Entry 7)

Flight Stability: There is a pressure sensor that stabilizes the drone when it is unsteady

Robust Structure: The structure is very strong but light to provide a smooth and easy flight but protecting the drone if you crash

Technological Terms (Entry 8)

Electronic Assistance: The electronic assistance gives you extreme precision and control and automatic stabilization features

Software Interface: Software interface allows you to upload videos straight to Youtube

NEW Questions and Information
(Entry 9)

The AR Parrot drone is controlled with a device. It uses a GPS chip to show where you are and there is a camera that lets you see where you are. There is a certain signal in your device that when you tilt it it moves the drone.

Technical Stuff For My Project (Entry 10)

Director Mode: Director mode takes the flight recorder experience to a completely different level. It has four different types of camera angles. There is traveling, panorama, crane, and steady mode.

Ar Parrot Drone Cool Features (Part 2) (Entry 11)

The AR Parrot Drone has many cool features. Those cool features include director mode, stability control, cameras on the front and bottom of the drone, electronic assistance, and many, many more. Director mode has a lot of different camera angles.

AR Parrot Drone Cool Features (Part 2) (Entry 12)

Flip Mode: When flying the AR Parrot Drone you can do a flip. You go into the settings and turn on flip mode. Then all you have to do to do a flip is double tap the screen, then the drone will fly up a little, do a flip, and go back to it's altitude before the flip; but be careful! If you are flying the drone indoors make sure you have a high ceiling like in a gymnasium or else you will flip into the ceiling. Even though this is really fun it drains the already short battery a lot faster, so do not do it that frequently.

Cy Phy (Entry 13)

Cy Phy: The CyPhy Drone is a hexacopter, which means it has six rotors. Those six rotors greatly improves stability and has more stability than the four rotor AR Parrot Drone. This makes for a more stable and faster flight. By re-inventing multi-rotor flight, this drone flies completely horizontally and makes piloting simpler, images more stable, and flying intuitive. I recommend this drone for class.

Lily Camera (Entry 14)

Lily Camera: The Lily Camera flies itself! You throw the drone up into the air to start a new video. Then the drone follows you and lets you do your tricks without holding a camera. Even though the drone is pretty cool, it is not very hands on; so I do not recommend it for class.

The Best Drone (Entry 15)

I have researched three drones. The Lily Camera, the Cy Phy, and the AR Parrot Drone. I personally think that the AR Parrot Drone is the best drone for this class. I think that the AR Parrot Drone is the best drone because this drone is very hands on. I think that the Lily Camera is the worst drone for this class because you can not control it s it is not very hands on. The Cy Phy is the second best drone because you can control it by yourself, but it is not the best drone because it is very small and it is not very durable. In my opinion the AR Parrot Drone is the best drone for this class because it is not to small, it is very stable, the controls are very easy to learn, and it is very hands on.

The Next Step To Improve The AR Parrot Drone (Entry 16)

The AR Parrot Drone is a very good drone but it is not perfect. There are two major problems with the drone. One is the wifi. The wifi extends a pretty far but when you are flying outside you can not go as far as you would think. The major problem is the battery. The battery will last about 5-10 minutes without any special maneuvers and it won't last as long if you do flips or other maneuvers.

How To Fix The Major Problems (Entry 17)

Wifi: You can extend the wifi. There is a connector that you can buy that will extend the wifi past the normal distance. I will include a link below so you can see how to equip it and which one to buy.

Battery Life: From what I researched I did not see how you could actually extend the battery life with a mod or something like that, but there is still a way that you can extend the life of the battery. All that you need to do to extend the battery life is by removing weight. When there is less weight on the drone the drone will not need to work as hard which means that the battery will last longer.

Reflection (Entry 18)

I learned a lot from my subject of drone flying. The AR Parrot Drone is manufactured in the UK. It costs 350 Euros or about 400 dollars.

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