1984 Reading Log
Macy McHale

Part 1, Sections 1-2

1984 Act 1: Sections 1-2. Summary: Winston is under the ruling of the Big Brother in Oceania. The Thought Police scan his daily actions 24/7 by tracking him using telescreens; Winston notices the telescreen is in an odd position that does not cover a portion of the room, so he goes to this odd spot in the room and breaks the law by writing in a diary. Winston later views the two minutes of hate, which include the horrific speeches from Goldstein. Winston finds himself writing his thoughts down even though they go against the tyrannical government that surrounds him, and he becomes afraid that he will be arrested for thinking and writing against the government.

Quote: "Thoughtcrime does not entail death; Thoughtcrime IS death"(Orwell 38).
Discussion Questions: (1) How did the thought police rise to power? (2) Who is Goldstein, and why is he disliked by the standard government of Oceania?

Learning Station 1

Sarah Savage

-tosses hair back often

-provides insight during most conversations

- responses are kind and soft even though she is trying to provide an argument

- leans on hand

- rests head on arms

- flips hair behind ear

- eye contact with speaker

- somewhat slouched

- smiles a lot, intrigued in conversation

• How does it feel to watch a person in this fashion? I found watching someone in this manner very odd because the person was completely unaware of what was occurring. The person did not do anything that was extremely notable, but I realized she often tossed her hair when the conversation was no longer strong. I found this awkward and I felt like I was not respecting this person's private space.

1984 Part 1, Sections 3-6

Winston dreams that his mother and sister are watching him, and he also dreams that his father remains with the two girls. Winston is interrupted from his period of quiescent to a screeching sound coming from the telescreen, and he is forced to do the Physical Jerks, which is a series of burdensome stretches lead by a member of the Party. Winston attempts to ruminate on how the Party came to be and details about the wars with Eurasia, but he only can recall vague memories, including the fact that no one is as elated as they once were. Since Winston is thinking about irrelevant topics, he is called out on the telescreen because he is not focusing on the stretches. Winston is at work during the day; generally the history is indelible, but Winston works to change history in order for it to correspond with the present. Winston sees the eerie girl once again,and he persists on the fact thaet she could be a member of the Party.

1984 Part 1, Sections 7-8

1. Why is Winston talking to the old man, and what did he get out of the situation?

2. Why are the proles so gullible?

3. Who is the woman that Winston sees, and why is Winston afraid of her?

The woman works in the fiction department near Winston. After she passes by Winston in the middle of the proles's area, Winston concludes “There was no doubting any longer that the girl was spying on him"(Orwell 113). Winston goes home and believes that he will be taken and vaporized, so he considers killing himself before this can happen.

1984 Part 1, Sections 1-3

The relationship between Winston and Julia is complex and complicated. Although Winston just began to understand who Julia truly is, he is drawn to her because of her hatred towards the Party. Although their relationship appears to be one of love, Winston declares,"“But you could not have pure love or pure lust nowadays. No emotion was pure, because everything was mixed up with fear and hatred. Their embrace had been a battle, the climax a victory. It was a blow struck against the Party. It was a political act.” Since Winston had never experienced a strong relationship where both people were devoted to their partner, he does not know how to react to this relationship. Winston cannot admit that he has fallen in love because he does not know how to accept love. Their relationship will most likely not end up in marriage due to Winston's relationship with Katharine, but their relationship could spark a riot against the Party. Overall, the relationship between Winston and Julia is due to their common hatred of the Party.

1984 Slogan Activity

My slogan is "Family is Weakness." In the novel, the Party promotes the breaking of the bonds that family entails. Since the Party knows that families coming together would be the easiest way to spark a riot, the Party works to break families apart. Today, families are much more than people who share the same last name, but instead families share everything with one another and creates relationships of trust and loyalty. The Party does not want families to be like this because there would be too much power in their hands. As seen in the poster, the Party presents the idea that having a strong relationship with your family members will only lead to pain and despair in the end. The pictures on the poster present the false idea that any family bond with result in war and conflict.

1984 Part 2, Sections 6-8

4. “Privacy, he said, was a very valuable thing"(Orwell 150).

5.“Such a thing as an independent political movement was outside her imagination: and in any case the Party was invincible"(Orwell 166).

6.“The conspiracy that he had dreamed of did exist, and he had reached the outer edges of it"(Orwell 173).

7.“He never saw his mother again"(Orwell 177).

8.  “Nothing holds it together except an idea which is indestructible”(Orwell 190).

Seminar Panel Article Summary

Nowadays, privacy is not available to many people. Even when we think we are alone at home, many different people could be able to view what we are doing. An example of being watched without knowing is in the case of Tyler Clementi. Tyler thought he and his friend were the only ones in his college room when he had an intimate affair with his friend. Little did he know, his roommate filmed the affair and posted the video on a social media site where the video went viral quickly. Tyler later killed himself after facing the bullying from the situation. Although some people, such as Tyler, did not intend for their private lives to be public, others subscribe to nosy social media sites such as Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. Some people take risky pictures on Snapchat and send them to their "loyal" friends, believing that no one else will see these pictures, but these pictures NEVER remain private. The person who received the risky picture could easily save the picture and send it to many people, causing it to go viral. Society no longer has any respect for personal space, and privacy could be considered a luxury due to the fact that it is no longer common among humans.

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