Water VS. Barrier/Non Barrier


Question:Would a barrier reduce/delay erosion.

Hypothesis:We do  think the barrier will reduce erosion.We believe we are right because we have seen beaver dams that have worked


-Popsicle sticks x2

-mud x2

-Rocks x2

-Water x2

-Cup x2

-Ruler x2

-Stream Table x2

-Bowl x2

-Lifts x2

Variable:We will change barrier vs. no barrier

Observe/measure:The amount of erosion of barrier against no barrier.


Same:our observation of erosion.

Conclusion:Our hypothesis was correct because the barrier did slow it down.

Our picture supports information by showing a diagram.the water got slowed down by the Popsicle stick and sand.The less water in the bucket.It made erosion delay.

Why our was correct is the  things that we tested showed that because the sand and wood delayed the flow  the water.