Mass Extinction

Are we on the brink of another large scale extinction?

     We are on the brink of another global extinction because us humans are constantly leaving waste around the world and destroying natural habbitats in order to provide land for houses. These acts are the actions that will cause the human population to crumble and cease existenence of our race. Is that what you want to happen? Do you want to constantly fight to find food and resources? To always have the thought in your mind that you won't be able to provide for your family?

     Undoubtfully, the Earth has become a more dirtier place over the last span of years. This is because people are constantly littering and not picking up after themselves. "We are relentlessly taking over the planet, laying it to waste and eliminating most of our fellow species." If we keep this act up, the whole world will pretty much be a large garbage can. This will cause many species and maybe even us humans to become extinct.

     As a result of the human population growing largely each year, humans have had to resolve the issue by cutting down forests. Forests that are home to an array of many species, some close to becoming extinct. If we keep tearing down these woodlands, there will be no place for a home for animals. "Every year, up to 30,000 species disappear due to human activity alone." We may think that cutting down these homes is beneficial to us, but if we run out of resources, there's nothing that we can do. We need to figure out how to manage our population crisis in order to leave all forest habitats safe. If you don't agree, then answer this. How would you like it if someone made you leave your home and they destroyed it?

     With all this in mind, what we need to do as a community is form an organization in which we bring mass awareness to the general public. We create projects and services where we clean up our community and plant more trees. We will make this organization global and everybody around the world will help contribute to this cause. This organization will make our world a better, cleaner place. So after reading this, how will you help make our Earth a better place to live in?