narative poem Howard's english period 4

Matthew with blue eyes, Matthew of central Texas, Matthew whose on the football team, is a kid who wants to be known. He is going to be ready for school by th nick of time, and is very kind person to everyone so he doesnt get in trouble, is a very shy person cause he doesn't like to present stuff, doesnt lik to be wrong over and over again, is a very competive person.

Matthew is a nice person but gets mad at points,likes to help out when he can, he doesn't like to be told what to do, because he is helpful but also self confident.

Matthew inside his cage of torture.inside but behind his cold blue eyes, inside the black heart, is a boy dissapering boy out the door, because he likes to do something fun, and will always try to get out and play, and sometimes will try to sneak out to just have fun, and will always have fun when possible, But the question is will you have fun.

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