The Telephone-1876

Alexander Graham Bell: Inventor of the Telephone

       Why the telephone was a very important invention is because it evolved the way we communicate with each other and it sped up communication drastically. It was a more preferred form of communication then morse code. The telephone also allowed for information to be more widespread.

The Light Bulb-1879

Thomas Edison: Inventor of the Light Bulb

     The reason the invention of the light bulb was so important was it was a better alternative then candles and oil lamps. Lightbulbs made it easier to light homes and other large buildings. It allowed for work in the night and kept crime rates down because you weren't vulnerable in the dark anymore.

The Typewriter-1873

Christopher Sholes: Inventor of the typewriter

    The reason the typewriter was so important was because it revolutionized business by speeding up writing and which in turn sped up communication. Because of its speed, the typewriter was a much preferred way of communication over handwritten letters, telegrams, or morse code. The typewriter also developed many jobs especially for women who were secretaries.

Automatic Dishwasher-1886

Josephine Cochrane: Inventor of the Automatic Dishwasher

    The importance of the automatic dishwasher was it eliminated a lot of labor that has to go into washing dishes. Though it was powered by a hand crank, it still was much less work then hand washing and drying each individual dish. First became useful in hotels because of the large amount dishes that needed washing, but gained popular with house wives when became more widely available.


Thomas Edison: Inventor of phonograph

    The invention of the phonograph had many uses when was first invented. Once people found out you could record your voice and play it back it was used in letter writing and dictation, phonographic books for blind people, a family record (recording family members in their own voices),toys, and clocks. Edison knew it would be used for music as well so he even created a model just for the army so they could listen to music during World War 1.


Charles and Frank Duryea: Inventors of the gaspline powered automobile

   The importance of the first automobile is was a very fast way to travel that considered luxurious. The automobile gave people more transportation and allowed people to drive to work, pick up kids from school, go grocery shopping and anywhere else they anted to go. The price of the automobile wasn't too overly expensive so most Americans were able to afford them.

Handheld Camera-1888

George Eastman: Inventor of the handheld camera

  The importance of the handheld camera was it greatly increased the speed of taking pictures because before you had to  coat a plate with wet chemical each time they wanted to take a picture. This was also the first camera to use roll paper film which was used to take many pictures with and once you filled it up you sent it to Kodak and you would receive your pictures. This camera was also inexpensive was it was very popular and used my many.


Wilbur and Orville Wright: Inventors of the airplane

    The importance of the airplane was air travel was a very good way to ship cargo, and because of the few amount of time it took, perishable items could be shipped. Air travel also opened up the world for many people and exposed people to new cultures and were just going off of stories from travelers. The airplane was also of military importance and passenger travel importance.

Automatic Lubricator-1872

Elijah McCoy: Inventor of automatic lubricator

  The importance of the automatic lubricator was it was a revolutionary way of lubricating steam engines without having to shut them down. this invention saved an enormous amount of time and effort in transportation and in industrial production. McCoy retooled his invention so that it would help to keep even the hottest engines lubricated effectively with the powdered graphite as well, saving train companies a lot in both time, repairs, and even fuel costs.

Carbon Filament-1882

Lewis Latimer: Inventor of carbon filament

   The importance of the carbon filament in light bulbs is it allowed Edison's light bulb to last a lot longer. Latimer devised a way of encasing the filament within an cardboard envelope which prevented the carbon from breaking and thereby provided a much longer life to the bulb and hence made the bulbs less expensive and more efficient. This enhancement not only was not only efficient it was safe.

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