Sewing Machines in the Industrail Revolution.

The first sewing machine was invented in 1790 by Thomas Saint. But it was brought into the industrial revolution in 1846. Before the invention of sewing machines, most people had tailors do it for them by hand. The sewing machine makes sewing more efficient and less painful.

The sewing machine has many bennefits but also some disadvantages. One bennefit of the sewing machine was it started a whole new industry of fashion and different jobs. It made getting clothing a lot easier, people no longer had to make there own clothing, they could go out and just buy it already made. with all these bennefits, there are some down sides. With sewing machines came more jobs and more poeple wanted clothes. They needed more mass production. So they came up with sweat shops and hard labor. People were getting paid less then what they were working for.

A sewing machine in the 1800's was pretty close to the ones today. You put your thread in the top part and in the bottom, and threaded your machine. The needle pulls the thread through the fabric just like you would with your hands, but faster and cleaner. But in the 1800's the only difference was there was a wheel you put your fabric in, when you press the pedel the weel turned pulling the thread  through the fabric.

Today, sewing machines are a lot more complicated, but do more. Sewing machines have the same general shape but have different buttons for more creative sewing.

Sewing machines started in the north. In the south, people used slaves to make clothes. Sewing machines seperated the north from making there own clothes, it also brought them into an industrail revolution and made them popular in other countries because sewing machines were sold in not only the United states. The south did not have this.

Sewing machines were later brought to the south. This forever ended making clothes by hand.

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