Vasco Da Gama
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What was Vasco Da Gama's backround info?

Vasco Da Gama was born in in Sines, Portulaca in 1460 and passed in 1524 in India.  He grew up with a noble family and was the third son of Estêvão da Gama. Many people remembered him as fearless and strong. As soon as he was old enough to join the army, he went for it. That was where he learned to navigate. Not very much is known of his backround.

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What was his achievements and discoveries?

Vasco Da Gama is most definitely a fascinating explorer. But what did he do to make it this far? Well.. To begin with, he was the FIRST person to sail from Europe to India. Crazy, right? Vasco was a Portugal explorer as well. Many people thought he was an amazing sailor. He led two of the armadas destined for India the first and the fourth, which was the largest and made only four years after his return from the first one. Not to mention, he was the Admiral of the Seas Arabia, Persia, and India and all the Orients. Also, King John II of Portugal assigned him to the south of Lisbon and then to the Algarve region of the country, to overcome French ships as an act of vengeance against the French government for disrupting Portuguese shipping. He as well made 2 other voyages to India.

Vasco Da Gama's route

Okay cool, but how did he change the world?

This successful explorer changed the world by navigation. He was the first EVER to find a route from Europe to India. I'm assuming by doing this he showed alot of people that things like that were possible, and it motivated more people to want to navigate and find new things.

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