Ancient Japanese Culture

Ancient Japanese Architect

Ancient Japanese Fashion

Japanese nobles had a distinct style of clothing. Many silk layers adorned with colors and patterns we cut and folded to impression elegance and style. A common accessory would be the Japanese fans which they often carried. These fans were decorated with flowers, trees, and birds. Often attached were long silk cords to keep them held on.

Ancient Japanese Fan

Ancient Japanese Literature

Although both genders wrote, Noble women most often wrote, regarding their lives in court. The women made sure to write beautifully to reflect their regal lives. Along with this the men wrote in Chinese and the women wrote in Japanese making women's writing the earliest Japanese literature. Women also wrote poems about love and nature.

An ancient Japanese poem titled The Manyosh

Ancient Japanese Visual Art

The Japanese admired their paintings, calligraphy, and architecture. In their paintings the Japanese used bright and bold colors to make their images pop out. The paintings illustrated stories, nature, or court life. Calligraphers copied poems in beautiful scripts. This was to make their poems as beautiful as their writing.

Ancient Japanese Architecture

Much of ancient Japan's inspiration for their buildings came from china, specifically Changan  the Chinese capital. The most identifiable trait in Japanese architecture were buildings with wooden frames  that curved slightly at the end. These houses also typically had thatched roofs. To enhance the beauty of the houses they were often surrounded by elegant gardens and ponds.

Ancient Japanese Performing Arts

These performing arts were the roots of Japanese drama. Their performances include acts by musicians, jugglers, and acrobats. Serious performances called Noh were created in the 1300's. They combined music, speaking, and dance. These plays often told of heroes of figures of figures from japans past.

Ancient Japanese Buddhism

As a newly introduced tradition, Prince Shotoku took it upon himself to change people's minds about Buddhism. As it spread different kinds of Buddhism arose, one being Pure land Buddhism focusing on chanting instead of rituals. Another form being Zen Buddhism focuses on meditation and self discipline.

Comparison to Modern Japan

Modern Japanese Fashion:

It shares many similarities to the ancient style, using cloth draped over layers of silk with bright colorful pictures and designs, however there is more of a modern spin put on this clothing.

Modern Japanese Art:

The Japanese use many bright colors, with sharp defined shapes unlike the flowing style of ancient japan.

Modern Japanese Performing Arts:

The inspiration for almost all Japanese performing arts is ancient japan. They use the same style of mask and perform the same style of performance.

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