Feudal Japan

This is a picture of the Japanese Feudalism!

1. Feudalism is a form of government.

2. What led to the rise of Feudalism in Japan was there was a week control of government and so the couldn't stop the fighting between the Daimyo. Lawlessness led small landowners to become vassals of the Dainty for protection.

3. Three art forms from Ancient Japan that impacted the people were first, the Buddha which helped impact them by them thinking he is the healer with the medicine jar in his left hand. A second art is the Kabuki Actor which helped impact the people by showing there protection from the warrior. The last art is the Samurai Armor which impacted the people by showing the armor that the people wore when they went into war and the design of the armor.

4. The social structure of Feudal Japan is called the Japanese Feudalism. The top off everyone are the kings then  there are the nobles are after that. Third are the knights and last at the bottom are the people who are poor and have not a lot of money. All of these people have different names  though that they are grouped into. Starting at the top and then going down is the Shogun (Kings and Queens), Diamyo (Nobles), Samurai (Knights), and last at the bottom Peasants (Poor People).

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