These are some of my best friends. We all play soccer, but the twins and I run Cross Country as well. We've all been friends since sixth grade, and I don't know what I would do without them to help motivate me, make me laugh, and just to make my days better.

3 Things About Me


This picture is of the Girard Girls soccer team after we did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I was scared to start playing with this team since they were older, and it would be more challenging. They were all very accepting and after a couple of weeks I was used to them and we had created some good, funny memories. This year I'm a starting forward for JV and I also am able to play Varsity as a substitute.  


John Green is the author of The Fault In Our Stars, which came out with a  movie and was a huge success. Green also has written a few other books that I love to no extent. He writes stories about teenagers and how they come of love, and their struggles. Most of his stories end sadly with a death or hurt feelings of one of the main characters. That's why I like his books, they're all honest and they don't all end in happy endings like fairy tales. Green is also just a very intelligent man, and I admire him very much.


As a soccer player and cross country runner, I ALWAYS hungry. I'm always snacking on something, it could be cashews, a sandwich, Oreos, etc. Our old soccer coach used to express to us, the soccer girls, how we are always eating something. If anyone were to offer me food, 9.5 times out of 10 I will take it immediately. I tell my friends if I were to ever deny offered food, they should know somethings wrong. Food is the key to my heart basically.

My Goals

Three goals I have this year are:

1.  This year I want to make straight A's. I plan on accomplishing this goal by spending my time wisely by studying on my free time, and doing my projects and homework to the best of my ability.

2. I want to play more on the Varsity team for soccer. I hope to accomplish this goal by working hard in practice and taking all of the drills and points my coaches have to say seriously. Also I hope to accomplish this goal by showing my coaches I capable to play Varsity by doing the right things in our games and scrimmages.

3. I want to expand my friend group, and by that I mean I want to involve myself with different people and spend time doing different things. To accomplish this, I will have to talk to more people and be friendly and respectable to everyone, and also try to make plans with new people.

A Place I Would Like to Visit..

I would love to visit Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I would love to visit this specific city because it is filled with history and so many historical places to visit. I really enjoy learning things about the past and how things today came to be, so I think this place would be a great place to visit.

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