Change is the only permanent thing in this world. I think we've been hearing this for a million times already. Inside classes, between chats, or even read in an article. But have you ever felt the misery behind this? or have even reflected on it? i think, if i were to add, i'd say change is also one of the hardest things to accept. Change in any thing is hard to accept. Whether it be a person, a place or a thing.

It feels so odd to think that a friendship so long been taken cared of will just change that fast. With no apparent reason, you're no longer the needed one or the important one. It feels so painful that a relationship you've built so hard will just be someone else's happiness and fulfillment in a snap. Just imagine that somebody so close to you acts like a stranger now. That the people who lifted you up are the same people who make you feel down now. That's change! and sometimes, it feels like the changes are happening so fast that you just want to shut your eyes and then open them when everything is done. How can someone be ready for change?

Changes make me feel alone. Those people i used to have fun with seem to be happy with different people now. And it hurts but yeah i know what you will think of, change is inevitable, change is but normal, change is part of life and the problem is all in me. But can i have a plea to life? Can you bring back the people who make me happy? Can you bring back the self i lost because of the people who brought change in me? or maybe all i wanted to say is that so much changes have happened around me that i can no longer find myself happy.

I hope time will come that the speed of change's feet will be as fast as mine and by that time, i hope, i will be thankful for the changes that life has brought me. So help me God.

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