What is it?

  • My project is a:  Coffee meetup flyer for the Maryland Art Education Association Research Division.
  • I made something that:  will hopefully encourage art educators to develop peer study groups

Why did you make it?

  • I made it because I've always wanted to see:  educators collaborating with peers outside of their district
  • I wanted to see if I could: make a flyer that was warm, inviting and stayed within the color scheme of the MAEA website

What challenges did you face?

  • I had a really hard time with: making the palette of the Maryland State Flag warm and approachable.  The first attempt looked more like a bake sale flyer.
  • Moving through the project:  I made the photographs of the coffee shop the focal point, rather than the titles, to draw the viewer in.  

How did you overcome any problems?

  • The solution was to: use pastel and jewel shades of red and yellow, the flyer was more inviting.
  • I was able to find a workaround by: using brush textures that mimicked wood panelling, to mirror the rustic quality of Artifact Coffee's interior.

What did you like/dislike about the project?

  • I really liked that: the cupboard structure frames the images and text boxes.
  • I didn't like that: I adhered too closely to the MAEA color scheme.  In the end, I that the palette wouldn't have mattered, as long as I included the logo.

What would you do differently?

  • If I did this again, I would:  use a palette with subtler color transitions, focusing on cool blues, purples and greys.
  • Next project, I would:  be more adventurous with my text layout and rely less on source photographs.

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