Chapter 2 Project: Hot! Hot! Hot!



Red Hot Sauce (X-variable)                                      Scorchin' Hot Sauce (Y-variable)


       Green Peppers                                                                            Hot Chili Peppers

       5x+4y<=1050                                                                                4x+8y<=1200

    Y<= -5/4x+262.5                                                                            Y<=-1/2x+150

The solution I chose is (50,60) , which means that you will have 660 green peppers left over and 520 hot chili peppers left over.


Where the two lines intersect is (150,75)

1.20(150) + 1.00(75) = $255.00                   Which means the Maximum Profit is $255.00.

ACTIVITY 3:                                      Ingredient Prices

1pt. of tomato sauce is $2.20             

1 Green pepper; diced is $0.85

1 Hot Chili pepper; seeded and diced is $0.55

Price of 1pt of Red Hot Sauce is $7.05

Price of 1pt of Scorchin' Hot Sauce is $8.48


The Super Market will buy 288 pints of every 8 weeks, the Grocery Store will buy 60 pints every 4 weeks and the Specialty Store will buy 24 pints each week.

To fill the orders, you should produce and provide 75 pints each week.

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