Worksheet A

How Did I Approach My Problem

First I put them into small pieces of the oil spill. I mostly had triangle and rectangle pieces because they are not as much work as a circle. After I got the area of every piece I combined all of the area to get my answer.

Total Oils Spill Area

30,490.5 Miles Squared

Taking a second look at your sectioned polygons from your map, do you think your area is an exact measure of the space affected by the spill?

No, I think it is not exact because you cannot fit in triangle, squares, rectangles and circles into the oil spill. And the measurements are not given to you because you may have been off by a millimeter.

How accurate do you think your polygons compare to the actual spill area? Do you expect your answer to be more or less than the actual spill area?

I don't think that they are that accurate because the space in the oil spill. I think that it will be more because some times I had to go out of the area of the oil spill.

Information that would help the oil spill.

I you were cleaning the oil spill I would start with the bottom end of the spill because you have more area to cover there. When you are in middle of the spill go from right to left because you have more area to cover too.

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