What does life hold for a premature baby?

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Chanekqua Story

Having a premature baby is very scary I was scared that I had to deliver my baby early words cant express how I feel I had to him early because my sack ruptured and I was just leaking water and it couldn’t be stopped; having a premature baby changed my life because I wasn’t ready but I had to get ready. It also made me come into reality that anything can happen during pregnancy and labor. It makes you think about the ifs and what going to happen in my baby going to be okay. 1000 things run through your mind during labor. You can’t get up and go like you want to anymore you have to make sure you have milk, diapers, wipers, pacifiers, clothes, socks, etc. you always got make sure your baby is strapped in properly so he/she would be safe at all times. Actually it didn’t take my baby long to grow I say about two months since I breastfed him he was growing fast and breast milk is the best for babies. I was 30 weeks when I had him. My baby is different in so many ways like he has to play catch-up with other baby’s that are full term but an example is he don’t crawl he want to walk at 8 months but some babies walk at 7 or 8 months so he has a little catching up to do. Yes, this was a scary experience because I did not know what to do and I did not have any help but every pregnancy is different.

Nautica's Story

Having a premature baby was also scary for me because he actually came home and had to be rushed back because he had a seizure he was born at nash general weighting 3Ib 9oz but he went to the doctor and had lost ounces this was a hard time for me and my family going back and forth to and from Greenville Khalil now is grown up and is normal size but he still has seizures and he does things a little slower than other babies he has a special therapist that comes to help him out he is progressing well I agree every premature baby is different

Lab & Delivery Nurse Interview

  • 1. What made you want to become a labor and delivery nurse? I helped deliver a baby when I was in school and that’s when I knew it was my passion
  • 2. Have you ever delivered a premature baby? Yes
  • 3. What methods do you use to care for the baby?
  • You just have to be careful you give them the love and care as you would for any other baby
  • 4. How do you handle a preemie different from a normal baby? The Respiratory system is the last thing to develop in a premature baby
  • 5. Is there more pressure on you? The delivery is not as hard but as far as after the delivery making sure they get the care they need is important
  • 6. How does it feel to know the chances of the baby survival? As a nurse it is hard especially when you know in certain situation it could have been avoided
  • 7. When you first delivered a premature baby what was your reaction? I was nervous the more premature babies you deliver the more comfortable you get with

Parents Interview

  • 1. How did you feel when you found out you had to deliver your baby early? Was a little sad. Wondered what I done wrong. Anxious the baby might not make it. Was I going to be able to care for him if he had complications?
  • 2. How did having a preemie change your life? It made me appreciate my chance of motherhood more than I did before. Gave me patience.
  • 3. What ways did it change your life? Made me more patient with children because he developed at a slower pace.
  • 4. How long did it take your baby to fully grow? At 2 years old he was meeting his developmental milestones
  • 5. How many weeks were you when you had your baby? 28 weeks
  • 6. How did your baby develop differently from a normal baby? First few months he was not rolling, crawling or walking like the other kids. Had to have more doctor visits.
  • 7. Was this a scary experience for you? Yes. The feeding tubes and ventilator were scary. Was afraid to enter the neonatal unit because I didn’t know what to expect. More tubes, will he be breathing? Will I break him if I pick him up?

Now as both babies are older they are now meeting their developmental stages.

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