Five Mobile Apps for K-12 Classrooms


Evernote is a tool for note taking. It allows students to creatively display their notes and express the knowledge they have learned in the class for future reference and study. Some of the special features in the tool include taking pictures and saving them to the notes, being able to create multiple notebooks and also create audio notes which they are also able to share.

A situation where this can be used in the classroom is for students who needs a variety of different learning tools. For example, both textual and visual learners can use this app because they can use the special features to include pictures in their notes as well as audio notes.


Dropbox is a tool for file-sharing between students and devices. This app is often used for collaboration. It is used for different operation system including Windows and Macintosh.

This can be used by students to turn in homework for a class because it allows students to share stored file with the teacher. Teachers can use this for students to collaborate and share information and files with each other for projects. Students who learn better with other students and through cooperation with other students would find this super helpful in their education.

3.Brain Tutor 3d

Brain tutor 3D is a tool allows students to explore deeply into the human brain and functions of each part without having to get messy and dissect an actual brain.

This can be used by students to understand further about the function and structure of the human brain through exploring and interacting with this rotatable 3D app for a biology class. Teachers can use this as an interactive activity in class which complements the textbook knowledge. Students who are visual learners could use this effectively to understand more thoroughly in regards to the concepts.


Twitter is a tool that allows users to create social networks and build connections with other people. This included being able to share links, pictures and videos. Users can sign up and access twitter using any web browser to their liking and is also able to use this on phone devices by downloading the app.

It could be used in education by allowing a variety of ways in which students can interact with each other through accessing pictures, videos and links. Students can post links and information regarding to classes and file sharing among classmates. This would be very useful for group projects or class discussion in general because there is access to extensive amount of information that students need on different topics. Students are provided with more flexible ways to share information and resources.


Prezi is a tool for which allows users to view and create presentations using the platform provided. Users can upload documents, videos, images, text and even audio files. This app could be used in education by allowing students to have the freedom of choice to create presentations in any way which best adapts to their learning needs. They are not limited to the sources of media they choose to represent their knowledge.

This would be used to reduce the learning barriers for students who are visual and learn more efficiently with the active presentation of materials and concepts as opposed to simply learning from the teacher's perspective. Also, it allows students to organize their knowledge to their liking and would reduce barriers for those students who like to plan and present their process of thinking in their own way.

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