William James

By: Kaitlyn Gunnett

William James is known as the "Father of psychology".  He is the teacher of Functionalism. Functionalism is the study of how animals and people adapt to their environments. James was born in 1842 and passed away in 1910. At first he was not interested in psychology. In his early years he went to school in New York City. Then he also went to schools in France, England, Germany, and Switzerland. In 1861 he entered Lawrence Scientific School, Harvard University. Then he transferred to Harvard's medical school. After getting bored with that he went to the therapeutic baths of France and Germany for 2 years where he studied under Helmholtz and other psychologists. That is what got him started on being a psychologist

William James is important to psychology because he wrote the first psychology textbook. He also was a psychology teacher at Harvard. He studied functionalism and helped us understand how it works. At the time people were focused on structuralism taught by Wihelm Wundt. At the time functionalism was a whole new approach to psychology.

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