By: Kaleb Dumot, CEO, Integrity Power Search

Twenty-fourteen has been a year to remember. Our firm, Integrity Power Search, was able to complete 57 searches for 16 companies across four different states. We were fortunate to work with amazing clients headquartered all over the Mid-West. We completed searches in Columbus, Cleveland, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston, Cincinnati, and Dayton.

Rewinding back in time to October 17, 2013….Nick Seguin, a client and a friend, introduced Integrity Power Search to Drive Capital. Our passion for Start Ups began to flourish. Our business continues to grow thanks to our customers. I thought I would share some of our success stories of the past year.

CrossChx is a company that develops real-time behavioral intelligence software to prevent medical fraud and to fight prescription drug abuse. We were able to partner with CrossChx to help them quadruple their staff in 2014. We hired 16 technical professionals with a mix of Java Engineers, Lead Developers, DevOps Engineers, an UI/UX Designer, and Enterprise Software Sales Executives. CrossChx has deployed their software from 1 hospital in late 2013 to 71 hospitals today.

We partnered with NoWait, a mobile application that allows a consumer to remotely get in line at their favorite casual eatery. The app enables users to check wait times and place their name on the wait list without ever leaving their home. To date, NoWait has served more than 90 million guests and thousands of restaurant partners in all 50 states. Integrity was able to successfully recruit three software engineers with them.

Integrity continued to partner with Dynamit, a technology focused consulting agency to hire seven Technologists this year. Dynamit builds complex data driven applications for clients like the BBC, Hilton, and Bell Helicopter. Dynamit has recently announced that they are setting up a regional office in Austin, Texas to better support their clients on the West Coast. The Austin office is the first expansion for the 10-year-old company, which has 60 employees in its home office in Columbus and expects to finish 2014 with $6.5 million in revenue.

Integrity worked with Beam Technologies, a data digital consumer health company to source and recruit five new employees in less than five weeks. Beam's technology collects data about a user's daily hygiene through its Beam brush and displays it on a connected smartphone app. The sensor-outfitted brush measures how often and how long a person brushes. It then communicates with the mobile app to start a two-minute timer when brushing begins. During that timeframe, users can listen to music or watch video clips from other apps while brushing. We placed two IOS Engineers, one Android Engineer, a Creative Director and a UI/UX Designer for Beam.

Our greatest accomplishment this year was in July when we were able to source, recruit and build a data visualization software team of eight Technologists in four weeks. We hired four Software Engineers, an IOS Lead Developer, an UI/UX Ninja, a Technical Lead Engineer, and a Product Manager.

Integrity’s most challenging search assignment came in October when we competed a Big Data Architect search. The search was for a predictive modeling mathematician billionaire who places bets globally on sporting events. This national search was completed in less than four weeks.

Aver Informatics, a healthcare analytics software company develops easy-to-use bundled payment tools to improve cost efficiencies in the healthcare industry. After moving this summer from Green Bay to Columbus, Integrity was able to complete seven searches with Aver. We hired Software Engineers, Healthcare Data Analysts, a Tech Director and a Senior Project Manager.

ClearPath, a healthcare software company, located in Dayton, is completely revolutionizing the dermatopathology industry. Their mobile app digitizes the entire experience, providing the dermatologist with an efficient, easy to use tablet for specimen submission and viewing of clinical images. We helped ClearPath hire three Software Engineers and one DevOps Engineer.

The year 2014 was a truly energizing and successful year. We pride ourselves with exceptional service to both employers and our candidates. We sincerely appreciate our client’s trust and confidence in our work ethic and professionalism that enhances our ability to make placements. It is thanks to them that our success story continues.

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